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Wichita Storage Tips

STore smarter, not harder.

Wichita storage tipsOrganize your storage unit.

  • Rent the smallest amount of space you need and pack it full. “A box for everything and everything in a box,” is not only the best protection for your items, it also helps maximize storage space. We sell a variety of boxes and moving supplies at all U-STOR locations to help organize your self-storage unit.
  • If you need to access stored items periodically, leave an aisle down the middle of the unit. Place plastic on the floor under your items.
  • Choose the right size box and fill it to capacity. Partially full or bulking cartons may collapse or tip. Leave a small air space between the goods stored and the storage unit walls to aid in ventilation. Cover the entire storage space with a light plastic cover for dust. Allow for ventilation.
  • Store valuables and small lightweight items around the back of the storage unit. Protect your mattresses, sofas, and chairs with plastic covers, and do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

Protect your stuff.

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