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How to Choose a Storage Unit Near You

What’s the Best Wichita Storage Unit Size for You? Here are 6 things to consider.

how to choose a storage unit near you1. Inventory – What will you be storing? Make a list, so you don’t forget!

2. Identify – Consider sizes, weights, and shapes. Can your items be stacked on each other or will they need their own space?

3. Measure – Pack and stack items then use a tape measure to double-check the size.

4. Time – How long will you be storing these items? Will you be storing items in the future? How big are they? Make sure your unit can accommodate those sizes so you don’t have to move later. Some items may need proper ventilation over time as well.

5. Temperature – Are the items you’re storing weather-sensitive and prone to deteriorate from harsh hot or cold Kansas weather? You might need a climate-controlled storage unit. Check out what items (clothing, instruments, etc.) might need climate-controlled storage.

6. Frequency – Will you be visiting your Wichita storage unit often? Create an aisle to easily access your items. You may also consider storing in a climate-controlled unit to stay comfortable during your visit.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you’ll be storing, check out U-STOR’s sizing guide to determine what storage unit size is best for you. Next, check out our move-in specials to find a cheap storage unit near you in one of 7 Wichita locations.

U-STOR is proud to be local since 1981. We take pride in making every customer’s experience a great one with easy drive up and unload ground floor access at every location.  We also provide contactless service to keep our customers safe. Find, reserve, and pay rent for your storage unit entirely online!


13 responses to “How to Choose a Storage Unit Near You

  1. It’s good to know that you should know how long you will be storing your items. My husband and I want to find a storage unit that we can rent for our RV since we are done using it for the summer. We’ll keep this information in mind as we search for a storage unit that we can rent.

  2. I totally agree when you said that some items would also need some ventilation at some point. With that in mind, I will make sure that the self-storage unit that I will rent will not be too small, even if I only have a small flat. It would be perfect for my books and the antique furniture that my grandmother gave me.

  3. I appreciate what you said about making sure you store weather-sensitive equipment. I need to get a storage unit for all of my bikes. They will rust if they are left outside.

  4. It really helped when you said that we need to choose the right size to accommodate our items so that we don’t have to move later. With that in mind, I need to look at all of the things in the kitchen because it will be renovated soon. After checking all of them, I can have an idea what size of storage unit rentals I should get to book one this coming September.

  5. I like the tip you gave that you should have a list of the things you would store in the storage facility before planning. A few nights ago, my friend informed me he was looking for a self-storage that he would use as storage for his apparel business products. He asked if I had any thoughts on the best option to consider. I appreciate your explanation about the importance of consulting a self-storage service. I’ll tell him it will be much better if he consults one.

  6. You made a good point to take the sizes, weights, and shapes of the items you plan to store into consideration. My younger brother is moving home from college for a semester and wants to store his larger items in a unit. In addition to the unit size, I think he should consider the level of security provided at the storage facility.

  7. We appreciate you mentioning that we should take the weights, sizes, and shapes of the storage into account for you. My sister wants to relocate to a smaller workplace and put the equipment in the old office in modest storage. I’ll advise her to choose storage options after taking her equipment’s shape, size, and weight into account.

  8. Thanks so much for pointing out how important it is to know every item going into storage so you can plan for organizing it. My sister recently downsized her house and she no longer has room for all of her things. We’ve been looking into finding a storage unit she can organize and put all her things in.

  9. It’s great that you talked about identifying your items’ sizes and shapes before choosing a storage unit for them. I heard that my cousin bought a boat with his wife’s brother, and they’re looking for a place to store it while they don’t use it, so I’ll make sure they read your tips now. Thank you for the information on what to consider when picking a storage unit size.

  10. I found it interesting when you said that considering the measurement of the storage could help with your needed space. A few days ago, my friend mentioned he was looking for a mini-storage locker solution for moving business tools and equipment in their self-storage for his apparel and clothing business development. He asked if I had thoughts on the best storage approach. I’m thankful for this article for the explanation about the importance of consulting a self-storage service. I’ll tell him it will be much better if he consults a storage service to gather information about their services.

  11. I am on the hunt for the best self-storage business I can find near me here in Knoxville, Tennessee, because I need a place to store my belongings once my house gets renovated. And it really helped when you talked about considering the size, weight, and shape of the units depending on the items that we will be stacking and storing there. Honestly, I am not sure what size I should actually get, so I think I definitely have to find a facility and go there in person to talk to the staff. So they can help me understand the options I have and I will share information about the things that I will put away for a certain time to choose the right space without overspending.

  12. It was helpful when you said to consider how long you’ll be storing your items. My husband and I are planning on cleaning out our basement that we’ve been using as storage for the past couple of years since we plan on remodeling it, so we need to put all of our belongings in a storage unit. We’ll keep these tips in mind as we search for the right storage unit to rent!

  13. I was captivated when you mentioned that we can use a tape measure to double-check the size. My friend wants to opt for self-storage. I should advise her to choose a facility that provides quality units.

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