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Space Saving Hacks – RV Kitchen Edition!

BIG Summer Travel Plans in a Small RV Kitchen? “Spark Joy” with These RV Organizing Hacks.

Numbers 3 and 7 spark some serious joy in our space-saving hearts!

  1. RV Kitchen OrganizingUse all things collapsible! Collapsible colanders for straining pasta or beans and collapsible bowls as well as collapsible dish tubs save so much space in RV kitchen cabinets. They’re only a few inches high and heat resistant!
  2. Hide your wastebasket by hanging it inside a cupboard door for better RV organizing and no trash in sight!
  3. Removable counter space works wonders! Purchase a small wood board (or make your own) and place them over the kitchen sink for added RV kitchen counter space.
  4. Use over-cabinet door organizers to hold items like cutting boards or baking sheets.
  5. Tape velcro or use gripper strip clips for spices as an RV organizing hack. These are cheap ways to keep those seasonings from spilling or rolling around!
  6. Expandable and adjustable under the sink storage racks make organizing RV clutter a breeze and save time finding items.
  7. A roll-up dish drying rack?! We didn’t know we could get so excited about drying dishes! Use it to save counter space and it’s heat resistant surface to set hot pots or pans.

There you have it, space-saving hacks as told by the U-Stor self-storage pros. These RV kitchen items are fairly inexpensive and well worth it. Happy camping…and cooking. Remember we have plenty of room to store cars and boats. Reserve to save now!

One response to “Space Saving Hacks – RV Kitchen Edition!

  1. In your comments on folding dish racks (they have two sizes) it’s important to note this one thing. While they can be used like a trivet, the stainless steel ones will stay quite hot for a while so they need to cool before they are rolled back up. Also, retailers like Aldi have sold them with silicone covering which might not be heat resistant. Still they roll up and to keep it that way, I recommend one of the elastic hair bands that you can buy in bunches at Dollar Tree. The larger ones can be used like rubber bands as one favorite use of mine is to punch a hole in bags of say french fries to let the air out and then band it to save on freezer space. There are hints such as yours elsewhere for RV owners that work in homes as well.

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