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U-STOR Spotlight - Learn about U-Stor's very own Waynetta at George Washington

U-STOR Spotlight – Waynetta at George Washington

U-STOR has seven locations in the Wichita area, so no matter what side of town you live on, you can find reliable self-storage close by. Managers live onsite at these properties to monitor the overall safety of the items stored there. These team members play a unique and valuable role in keeping our stores, clean, safe, and running smoothly for our customers. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Waynetta, manager of U-STOR George Washington. Let’s find out more about Waynetta.

Since 1995, Waynetta has been a staple at the George Washington location. She left the company briefly to pursue …

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The Reality of the Storage Unit Auction

The Reality of the Storage Unit Auction

A few years ago, reality TV turned its attention on the self-storage business. Heavily scripted shows like Auction Hunters and Storage Wars depicted the auction process as a veritable treasure trove of antiques, lost artifacts, and other valuables. It is not. Read on to find out how the process really works, and what you need to know before you attend a U-STOR auction.

Our Legal Obligation 

It’s important to note, we consider an auction to be the final inevitable step we have to take when someone defaults on payment. Before a tenant’s storage unit is released for auction, U-STOR managers take numerous …

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U-Stor Gives You 5 Computer Storage Tips: Deleting the E-Clutter

5 Computer Storage Tips: Deleting the E-Clutter

When we talk about spring cleaning, many of us focus on the physical task of decluttering closets and spraying off patio furniture, but your personal computer also needs a little routine TLC. And we don’t mean simply dusting the screen or shaking the crumbs out of the keyboard, but that’s a great place to start. Removing old files, documents, and photos can increase storage space and make your system run faster. Yay for increased productivity.

Desktop Jungle

The computer desktop is a great place to display frequently used programs, but if your screen looks like a game of Where’s Waldo, it might be …

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Choosing a Self-Storage Facility. What to Know Before you Go.

Choosing a Self-Storage Facility. What to Know Before you Go.

We all have stuff. Sometimes that stuff is sentimental, or seasonal, or soooo 1982 but we just can’t seem to part with it. The perfect out-of-the-way place for that extra stuff is in a self-storage facility. Will a guard dog and a padlock be enough to protect your prized possessions? Goodness, no. Below, you will find a few tips to help you choose the self-storage facility that’s right for you.

Take a Tour

Whether you stroll in off the street or make an appointment first, you should request a tour of the facility. A few things to look for on your tour include:


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