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Need Furniture Storage? Get a Climate-Controlled Unit!

When storing Furniture, Climate-Controlled Storage Units are a Must.

Let’s face it, hot Kansas summer temperatures are on the rise…and they’re not going down any time soon. As if moving heavy furniture isn’t enough work, loading them into storage in the summer heat can be even more draining. Enter, climate-controlled storage!

Climate-controlled storage units not only keep you comfortable, but also help keep expensive, delicate, or antique furniture in great condition.

Why is a climate-controlled unit best for furniture storage? Some factors to consider:

  • Wood – Water vapor in humidity can cause wood to shrink, swell, and crack. Crazy Kansas temperature fluctuations can also warp wood or loosen joints over time. Antiques have withstood years of use and often have high monetary and sentimental value. Keep them beautiful!
  • Fabric Upholstered furniture is very prone to picking up odors from a humid atmosphere. While you can wrap them short-term safely, fabric couches or chairs need to breathe. Pro tip: Cover fabric furniture storage wichita ksfurniture with a sheet instead of plastic to protect it in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Leather – Similar to leather upholstery in a car, hot and cold weather fluctuations can cause leather furniture to crack and wear down over time. Protect expensive leather furniture from the heat with climate-controlled storage.
  • Humidity – During spring, we can count on Kansas storms to raise humidity levels. Without climate-controlled storage, furniture is prone to mold or mildew (which can grow rapidly within 24-48 hours).
  • Length of storageHow long are you storing your furniture?  Some furniture will be ok in non-climate controlled storage short-term. Long-term, consider protecting your furniture investments for years to come with a climate-controlled unit.
  • AccidentsHaving extra furniture around means an increased likelihood that a couch or table could get spilled on, knocked into, or forgotten about. That fluffy couch or Grandpa’s old chair in the garage might become home to critters and bugs or Grandma’s antique sewing table might get rusted & warped by humidity…or worse backed into by a car. Eek!

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6 responses to “Need Furniture Storage? Get a Climate-Controlled Unit!

  1. I appreciate what you said about assessing climate-controlled storage. I have a bunch of wood I need to store. I’ll have to consider getting a storage unit that keeps the wood from being warped.

  2. It really helped when you elaborated on how leather furniture needs to be stored at the right temperature to prevent cracks and damage. I have an aunt who’s renovating her house next month, so I’m positive that she’d benefit from reading your insight since she has a lot of leather furniture that she’ll need to protect from the debris. I appreciate your advice on climate-controlled units and their benefits for furniture storage.

  3. It really helped when you said that choosing climate-controlled storage for long-term purposes would be necessary to protect our furniture. I will follow your advice regarding the sofa and dining set that I plan to store away this month. It’s because I wanted to buy a more modern-looking piece of furniture. But I might want to use the old ones again in the winter season due to achieving certain looks or themes during the holidays.

  4. This article is incredibly useful and highlights the importance of climate-controlled storage units for furniture. With the rising temperatures in hot climates like Kansas, protecting furniture from damage due to humidity, temperature fluctuations, and accidents becomes paramount. The article provides valuable insights into how these storage units can preserve the condition and value of furniture, especially antiques and delicate pieces. It’s a must-read for anyone considering furniture storage in challenging environmental conditions. Thank you for sharing this insightful and beneficial article!

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