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Valentine's Day Boxes

10 Creative Valentine’s Box Ideas for Kids

Needing a fun valentine’s day box for your child? check out these 10 DIY ideas that can be done with U-stor boxes!

Valentine’s Day as a kid is so fun! Remember the afternoon Valentine’s party you would get to have with your classroom? It was the best! Now as a parent, you are in charge of creating your kids’ Valentine’s Day box for school to collect all their Valentine’s Day cards and treats. Turn this year’s box into a fun project you can do together with your child! We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite designs here to spark your child’s imagination.

Don’t have …

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garage sale season

What Are the Best Times to Have a Garage Sale?

Garage sale season is upon us. Time to get organized!

When is the best time to have a garage sale? The answer is now! Spring is the perfect time to clear out clutter and soon, garage sale enthusiasts everywhere will start searching online and cruising the streets for stuff to buy.

Here are a few tips for a successful plan to declutter, get organized, and make some cash at your next garage sale:

If you don’t use it regularly, sell it. Do you still have those old pleated jeans or that fanny pack from the 90s? They’re making a comeback so sell …

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Digital recipe solutions

Five Best Digital Recipe Solutions

Have you ever forgotten where you put a favorite recipe? Digital recipe apps and websites like Pinterest are making it easier than ever to find, save, and sort your favorite dishes now, to access later from your phone, tablet, or PC. All you need to do is choose the one that’s right for your lifestyle. Some will even help you tame the pile of note cards, ripped magazine pages, and scraps of paper with handwritten recipes that are cluttering the kitchen drawer.


Vibrant pictures and unlimited recipe sources make Pinterest a great organizational tool. Users simply pin the picture …

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moving app

5 Best Apps To Help You Move

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to move to a new house or apartment you grabbed a few boxes, called a buddy with a truck, bribed him with pizza and you were done. The only high tech component was a cell phone that did one thing, made calls. Now, most of us carry a tiny PC right in our pockets with apps that can reserve the moving truck, locate a new home, organize the process, sell your old stuff, and get everything hauled where it needs to go. Plus, it will order the pizza you promised your buddy.

Your relocation process …

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U-Story gives you Five Tips to Organize Your Guest Bedroom for Holiday Visitors

Five Tips to Organize Your Guest Bedroom for Holiday Visitors

It’s almost time for the whirlwind holiday season with back-to-back celebrations and parties galore. Friends and family will be traveling across the country to spend time with the ones they love, which means it’s time to get the guest room back in shape. If your spare bedroom has turned into the catch-all space, fold up that ironing board and read on to find out how to quickly transform it back into a welcoming room for holiday visitors.

Remove Guest Bedroom Clutter

It’s easy to let seasonal clothes, leftover garage sale knickknacks, and other things we don’t know what to do with pile …

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10 Cardboard Box Costume Ideas for Halloween

searching for cheap for cheap Halloween costumes? Here are Ten Cardboard Box DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

It’s almost time for the best night of fall – Halloween! Sure, you can visit your local Walmart, Target, or costume store and grab something off the shelf, but how many Batmans, Butterflies, and Princesses do you need at one party?

If you have a little extra time on your hands, your little Trick-or-Treater will definitely be in the running for best costume with one of these clever cardboard box ideas. And the best part is, they’re cheap! Whether you use our moving boxes for Halloween, …

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Save the Dress - U-Stor gives you tips on DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

Save the Dress – DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

The wedding dress! No other garment is allowed to outshine this showstopper on the big day and it is often one of the most significant expenditures in the entire wedding budget. Preserving this beautiful investment for future generations doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. With the right material and instructions, you can do it yourself for half the price. If you got married this summer but your dress is a sequin puddle in the back of your closet because you don’t know what to do with it, we can help. Read on for easy DIY wedding dress storage instructions.

Have …

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Start Now! Back to School Organization Begins at Home. Learn how from U-Stor

Start Now! Back to School Organization Begins at Home

Across the nation, summer break is ending and teachers are ready to welcome eager (and not-so-eager) students back to class. While the school rooms may be neatly organized for another year of day-to-day studying, testing, reading, writing, and math-ing, home might be a different story. If you are still dragging your feet about summer coming to an end, pick up those swim suits off the floor and let us help you get ready for busy mornings, homework, and all those PB&J sandwiches. The less stress back to school organization guide starts NOW!

Shop The Closet First

Before you spend a dime on …

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U-Stor Gives You 5 Computer Storage Tips: Deleting the E-Clutter

5 Computer Storage Tips: Deleting the E-Clutter

When we talk about spring cleaning, many of us focus on the physical task of decluttering closets and spraying off patio furniture, but your personal computer also needs a little routine TLC. And we don’t mean simply dusting the screen or shaking the crumbs out of the keyboard, but that’s a great place to start. Removing old files, documents, and photos can increase storage space and make your system run faster. Yay for increased productivity.

Desktop Jungle

The computer desktop is a great place to display frequently used programs, but if your screen looks like a game of Where’s Waldo, it might be …

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